Get a club deal with Sportyfied

Get a club deal at sportyfied and recieve plenty of benefits for your club and all of its members!

Sportyfied is an online sports store with its primary focus on providing sports clubs and companies with high quality products to best prices on the market and accompanied with great service. Sportyfied has launched a game changning concept to provide your club with a better, cheaper and smarter supplier of sports clothes and accessories.

Sportyfied cooperates with the largest sports brands in order to provide the best products to all sports clubs. Sportyfied intermediates club deals for brands like Adidas, Puma, Hummel, Craft and many others, which insures that your club gets the highest quality products on the market to the best prices and terms. As a part of a club deal Sportyfied provides your club the following:

  • Your clubs personal webshop to be used by both the club and its members. The webshop will be driven and paid for by Sportyfied.
  • The clubs own clothing line to be customized in cooperation between the club and Sportyfied.
  • Sportyfied honors your club with a 10% bonus of the sales generated in the webshop.
  • A unique design module for ordering of team player kits. Easy in use and always accessible.
  • Sportyfied has the markets best prices on team player kits.
  • Sportyfied has the markets best prices on prints.
  • Sportyfied always has the needs of your club as the main focus and strives to provide the best service possible.

With Sportyfied as supplier, your club will get a dedicated partner with focus on your needs. There are no economical obligations for your club when making a club deal with Sportyfied. We cover all expences linked to the webshop etc.

At Sportyfied we are aware that clubs are different so we put high value in close dialogue to ensure that the club deal matches exactely your clubs needs.

If you and/or your club is interested in learning more about Sportyfied and our club deals you are more than welcome to contact us by mail or phone:

(0045) 7070 7989

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